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Michael Stout’s Abbey Oaks, Ltd, in the UK, joins the growing list of Rocheston Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program in Europe.

Abbey Oaks will be replacing the ‘outdated’ Ethical Hacker certification program with the ‘cutting-edge’ RCCE® certification throughout the UK, Wales and Scotland. Their team will be launching RCCE® Level 1 and Level 2 with various government agencies, universities, colleges, hospitals, banks and corporate companies in the UK. Nobody wants the ‘outdated’ Ethical Hacker certification in Europe anymore. I have known Michael Stout for the last 15 years and I must say he is one of the best cybersecurity experts in the industry. Abbey Oaks will flood the UK with RCCE® engineers. Note: Congratulations Michael. We will make sure you rule the UK, Wales, and Scotland with RCCE®. Hacking Reinvented. Like. No. Other.