Microsoft Freta added to Rocheston Rosé OS

RCCE® course update: We are adding Microsoft cloud-based malware scanner for Linux called ‘Microsoft Freta’ to Rocheston Rosé OS.

What is Microsoft Fretta?

Microsoft has unveiled a new threat detection service that can greatly improve security protection on Linux systems. Project Freta is a free cloud-based tool that is able to detect new forms of malware and other malicious software such as rootkits and cryptominers hosted inside VM images.

How does Freta work?

Simple, upload a VM image to the Fretta cloud, and Microsoft will scan and give you a security report. Project Freta automatically analyses images of thousands of Linux cloud VMs in order to detect new forms of malware and sensor corruption and supports over 4,000 kernel versions.

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Here is the link for Freta. Try it out.