Dr. Vinesha Selvarajah Talks on Involvement of Women in Cybersecurity: A Dazzling Touch

Dr. Vinesha Selvarajah is one among the speakers of the Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity for Women Conference, which will be held on 25th – 27th September, 2020. The topic covered will be Involvement of Women in Cybersecurity: A Dazzling Touch.

Vinesha is a lecturer at Asia Pacific University (APU, Malaysia. She is also a Rocheston Certified Trainer (RCT), Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO), Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer (RCCE) Level 1 & 2. She has been actively involved in catering cyber security awareness trainings and workshops for students in both higher education and high school. She has conducted several sessions and workshops leveraging the importance of cybersecurity, with hands on training for students in the area of cyber security and forensic.