Pooja Agrawalla Talks on Dead; long live THE PASSWORD!

Pooja Agrawalla is one among the speakers of the Rocheston Reinvent Cybersecurity for Women Conference, which will be held on 25th – 27th September, 2020. The topic covered will be Dead; long live THE PASSWORD!

Pooja has led & strategized large enterprise solutions in Cybersecurity – Identity & Access Management (IAM). With close to 19 years of experience in Identity & Cybersecurity, she now leads IAM products and solutions at NXP. Pooja is a noted speaker in multiple technology and Cybersecurity forums. She is currently associated with CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) – Bangalore Chapter.

Pooja is an evangelist for women in cybersecurity. She works with diverse communities within her companies and with groups like EWF India (Executive Women Forum – Infosec & Risk). Pooja has been recently awarded as one of Top 20 Indian Women Influencers in Security for 2020 by SecurityToday, InfosecGirls and WISECRA.