RCCE® Level 1 – Extreme Hacking®

The RCCE® Level 1 covers the foundation concepts of hacking. This course will give you a detailed, in-depth knowledge and hands-on labs. You will have mastery over hacking technologies and tools. The course covers Web application attacks, Trojans and Malware, Ransomware, Denial of Service attacks, metasploit, man-in-the middle attacks, android hacking, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, phishing attacks, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Fake news, Kubernetes, Facial Recognition, Ethereum Dapps, Quantum Computing, GPS programming, Solidity, Node JS, Perl, Python, ruby, Bash shell scripting among others, firewalls, cryptography, cracking passwords, hacking the cloud etc.

The RCCE® Level 1 is a mandatory requirement, to move to the Advanced Level 2 program. Level 1 teaches you the essential skills of becoming a Cybersecurity Engineer. This course is 100% Linux based. Even though it is called foundation, it is super duper deep. RCCE Level 1 is the most advanced foundation hacking course in the world. Rocheston Reinvented Hacking. Like. No. Other.

Requirements: Knowledge of Server administration, HTML, Web technologies, TCP/IP and network management skills. Linux and programming skills is not a requirement, we will expose you to basic Linux commands in the class.

Duration: 5-days 9:00 – 5:00. RCCE® Level 1 Exam will be conducted on the last day of the class.