Google blocked the largest DDoS attack ever

Google blocked the largest DDoS attack ever. They blocked the Mēris botnet attack that peaked at 46 million requests per second. OMG! Wow! 😎

What happened?

Over the course of 69 minutes beginning at 9:45 am PT, the hackers bombarded its customer’s HTTP/S Load Balancer with HTTPS requests, starting at 10,000 rps and within minutes scaling up to 100,000 rps before peaking at a whopping 46 million rps. 

Where did the attack come from?

The attack was conducted over HTTPS but used “HTTP Pipelining”, a technique to scale up rps. Google says the attack came from 5,256 source IP addresses across 132 countries.  

Note: Meris is a new botnet which is powered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices.