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Church of Nebula – A Universal Prayer

May 25, 20221 min read

God, the pervasive, indestructible and creative force of the Universe! I strive to seek the goodness within me, by unifying with your divine forces. Guide me through, as all earthly manifestations are illusion of senses. Give me the clarity to accept my physical presence as terrestrial being yet look beyond this body and multiply its power to the infinite.

Bring me to love everything, as every creation is your way of bringing order amidst the chaos. Grant me the courage to face danger, the patience to live through adversity and to be humble amidst temptations. Give me strength to accept all contradictions and not hate any species that naturally emanate from your infinite mind.

Deliver me to light and goodness as I purge my body and soul of all irrationalities. Let me transcend the struggle of the spirit of good and the spirit of evil, for thereafter lies the abode of happiness, health and prosperity.

When I call upon you, I see the abundance of beautiful things around me, the sense of scarcity deluged in bounties of nature and life. I pray to you and behold you in awe and admiration of your boundless love for all your children.