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The Need for Cybersecurity Engineers

April 27, 20201 min read

Here is the training feedback from one of the RCCE® students in Chennai: Mr. Niranjan Reddy.

“My feedback’s after attending the Rocheston’s amazing cutting edge course RCCE conducted by my mentor and Cybersecurity guru Mr. Haja:

I have been an ‘Ethical Hacking’ certified trainer for 12 years teaching corporates and students on ethical hacking certification. That program is outdated today. It is stale, dull and boring. But the Rocheston’s RCCE course has all the latest and current trends in Cybersecurity like Cloud, IoT, VR, AI, etc packaged into an awesome Open source Rocheston Rosé OS, where you are able to perform classroom Labs with the latest and updated tools and exploits. With this, my recommendation is everyone should get trained and become an RCCE and not ethical hacking.

The cybersecurity industry doesn’t need outdated ‘Ethical Hacker’ certification instead they need Cybersecurity Engineers.

I like Rocheston’s slogan: Rules of Engagement Have Changed. Resecure Everything.”