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Cybersecurity training for the rest of us

January 4, 20231 min read

Rocheston launches the new and improved RCCS (Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Specialist) program 2023 Edition. Visually stunning, and module-wise breathtaking. Absolutely fun training. Contains the latest threats, defenses, case studies, best practices, etc. Every employee in the company must attend this program. It is for everyone.

List of modules in RCCS (2023 Edition):

Module 1: Cyberthreats
Module 2: Cybersecurity Terminology
Module 3: Scam and Fraud
Module 4: Phishing Attacks
Module 5: Social Engineering
Module 6: Instant Messaging
Module 7: Smishing / Fishing
Module 8: Ransomware Attacks
Module 9: Search Engines
Module 10: AntiVirus
Module 11: Password Managers
Module 12: 2-Factor Authentication
Module 13: Web Browser Security
Module 14: Data Privacy
Module 15: Social Media Security
Module 16: Fake News
Module 17: Identity Theft
Module 18: Cyberbullying
Module 19: Encryption
Module 20: Windows Security
Module 21: macOS Security
Module 22: Mobile Device Security
Module 23: iOS Security
Module 24: Android Security
Module 25: Cloud Security
Module 26: GDPR
Module 27: VPN
Module 28: Cybersafe
Module 29: Cyber Games
Module 30: Case Studies

Please contact Prem to run this program at your institution. Cybersecurity training for the rest of us.