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Extreme Hacking® NeXTGEN™ – Are You Prepared?

March 4, 20201 min read

Register for an Informative session on Next Generation Hacking, which will be conducted by Aditya Nair on March 14th, 10:30 A.M at Rocheston Office in Chennai.

The topics covered will be:

  • The Present Cybersecurity Scenario
  • Custom Built Cybersecurity Operating System – Rosé
  • Hands-on Hacking Exercises
  • Rosé Tools
  • Cyber Range Sphere – Simulation Platform for Cyber Network Training
  • Threat Hunting

Next Generation Hacking Course. Reinvented.

The Extreme Hacking NeXTGEN delves into the world of emerging technologies such as AI and Quantum computing in the field of cybersecurity.

With Extreme Hacking NeXTGEN, you gain an in-depth access into existing and emerging threats in the world of cybersecurity. Get ready to equip yourself in a cyberattack scenario and respond to the real-world cyberattacks in a realistic virtual environment with the Cyber Range in Rocheston Rose.

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