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Rocheston Rosé (CyberLabs Edition)

July 2, 20201 min read

RCCE® course update: Meet Rocheston Rosé (CyberLabs Edition). This edition contains hundreds of sophisticated advanced lab exercises running inside Kubernetes clusters. Completely scalable.

Hundreds of labs: backups2, apache2, sshlab, packet-introspection, netflow, webtrack supply chain attacks sql-inject, SCADA/ICS quantum attacks, arp-spoof nmap-discovery, MitM. SSL spoofing, cracking encryption, brute forcing passwords, Firewall attacks, IDS attacks, VPN attacks, privilege escalation, deploying backdoors. Buffer overflows and many more.

Note: We innovate every week to bring you the best RCCE® classroom experience. Hacking Reinvented. Like. No. Other.

CyberLabs is part of Rocheston Rosé 5.7 update. RCCE® students can download the 5.7 update from Cyberclass portal.

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